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  • Why Microchipping Is Important
    Many pet owners’ biggest fear is losing their animal. It is important to take measures to avoid this. One of these is pet microchipping. Microchipping increases the chances of reuniting Read more
  • Tips for Training Your Puppy from New Hope Animal Hospital
    Bringing home your new puppy is a memorable experience as a pet owner. Puppies are adorable, and they bring unconditional love to your family, but it's essential to ensure that Read more
  • Litter Training for Your Kitten
    We love the sweet faces and gentle purrs of our cats, and we appreciate the fact that they are generally able to take care of themselves. However, there are some Read more
  • How Often Should You Cut Your Pet's Nails?
    How Often Should You Cut Your Pet's Nails? Just like humans, your pet's grooming requires more than just brushing your pet and bathing your pet. One of the most important factors Read more
  • How Often Should I Bathe My Pet
    How Often Should I Bathe My Pet? Pets make for wonderful companions and can bring a lot of joy to a household. Pets must be well-cared for, and that means more Read more
  • Unexpected Bleeding in Pets
    Unexpected Bleeding in Pets Since external bleeding can be caused by multiple situations, from trauma to an internal disease, it's essential to contact our team at New Hope Animal Hospital in Read more
  • Pet Poison Ingestion
    Pet Poison Ingestion Since pets are commonly viewed as being members of the family, pet poison ingestion can lead to the same panic that would be felt had your spouse or Read more
  • Treatments for Cherry Eye
    Why Do Dogs Get Cherry Eye and How Can a Vet Treat It? Have you noticed a red, swollen mass next to your dog’s lower eyelid? If so, your dog may Read more
  • What Is Cherry Eye?
    What Is Cherry Eye? Cherry eye occurs when the nictitating membrane (third eyelid), located in the eye's inner side, between the lower eyelid and the cornea, prolapses. It's mostly common to Read more
  • Cat Coughing
    Cat Coughing Coughing is often a sign of an inflammatory issue and affects the lower respiratory tract. If your feline is showing signs of distress and is frequently coughing, make an Read more
  • Sign of Seizure
    Signs of Seizure Dog seizures are alarming and can cause serious damage to your pet. When your pet is struggling or having a medical emergency, it may be difficult to determine Read more
  • Is Boarding The Right Option For Your Pet
    Is Boarding the Right Option for Your Pet? If you have to travel and can’t take your kit or pooch with you, boarding is a viable option to keeping your pet Read more
  • Puppy Training
    Puppy Training When it comes to puppy training, veterinarians have a wealth of information and advice that can help. If you live in or around Durham, NC, schedule an appointment with Read more
  • Flea & Tick Prevention in Cats
    Parasite Prevention for Your Pet at New Hope Animal Hospital New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham is dedicated to making life comfortable for your pets. This means helping to keep them Read more
  • Protecting Your Cat From Poisonous Plants
    Protecting Your Cats From Poisonous Plants It is summertime. But before you plant those pretty seeds you found at the local hardware store; you may want to research them. Some plants Read more
  • How Do Pets Get Leptospirosis
    What You Should Know About Leptospirosis Although we do not see many cases of it here at New Hope Animal Hospital, we thought that in the interest of public health, we Read more

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