The Importance of Pet Diagnostics from New Hope Animal Hospital

If a pet has gotten sick, it is important for families to think about where they are going to take their furry friends. Because most families consider their pet to be a member of their family, they want what is best for their loved one. In order to find the most appropriate place to take their pets, it is important to think about the pet diagnostics and pet bloodwork abilities of that location. The team from New Hope Animal Hospital is here to talk with everyone in the Durham, North Carolina area about the importance of these diagnostic tools.

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The Importance of Pet Diagnostics

The key to pet diagnostics is that this is how doctors are going to decide what condition or injury an animal has. The most basic of pet diagnostic tools are imaging procedures. It is important for hospitals to have at least an x-ray machine. This is the most basic medical image that can be generated. An x-ray generates an image based on the density of whatever material it passes through. X-ray machines are important and diagnosing broken bones, tumors, and a variety of other illnesses. An x-ray is inexpensive, fast, and painless. This makes it an essential tool in every animal hospital.

An Overview of Pet Bloodwork

Another key diagnostic tool pet bloodwork. When a doctor draws a pet’s blood, this is done for a variety of reasons. Often, a blood test is done to get a better look at the electrolytes of that pet. These electrolytes can signal signs of diabetes, dehydration, or kidney damage. Other blood tests take a look at the red blood cells directly. This is done to look for signs of infection, anemia, or blood clotting disorders. All of these blood tests are very important and the diagnosis of any pet condition. Therefore, it is important for hospitals to invest in these diagnostic modalities.

Rely on the Team from New Hope Animal Hospital for Animal Diagnostics

It is important for doctors to have access to a variety of diagnostic tools that can help provide appropriate care to their patients. This goes for people and animals. Those who would like to learn more about pet injuries and illnesses should call New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC today to make an appointment. We take a lot of pride in providing the latest in diagnostic tools to our patients. We are here to help you and your pet with any and all of your healthcare needs. You can call us at (919) 490-2000 to schedule an appointment today!

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