Find the Best Veterinarian in Durham for Leptospirosis Treatment

New Hope Animal Hospital hopes that your pets never have to deal with leptospirosis in their lifetimes. If they do however, our staff is experienced in this area of veterinary medicine and can recommend the best course of treatment for your beloved animal companion. Let's begin by explaining a little bit about this disease so you are well informed.


What Exactly Is Leptospirosis and How Is It Contracted?

Leptospirosis is an infection of bacteria that attacks an animal’s blood, kidneys, and liver function. Rodents often carry this infectious disease. The infection is highly contagious, so prompt treatment is recommended. Leptospirosis is transmitted through the urine of other animals. Thin or damaged skin can also be a means of transmission. 

Silent Life-Threatening Illness 

Finding a veterinarian in Durham who can recognize the symptoms of leptospirosis is crucial. This disease often shows no signs of it at all until it is at a later stage. Early diagnosis and treatment are necessary to keep this contagious infection from spreading to other animals. Both cats and dogs can be affected, but it is mostly present in canines. Dogs at a higher risk may:

  • Live near a river or stream
  • Live in rural areas or wander large areas of land where contact with infected animals is possible
  • Have skin disorders or hot spots that are not treated and properly covered and cleaned
  • Have a rodent infestation in their homes 
  • Have contact with farm animals
  • Be in contact with infected animals wild or domestic

Three Variations of the Disease 

There are three forms of Leptospirosis:

  • Blood infection
  • Kidney (Renal) infection
  • Liver (Icteric) infection  

When Signs Appear See Us 

If your animals have a high fever, lose their appetite, or are lethargic, that is usually a sign of a problem. New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham is equipped to deal with Leptospirosis with a strict regime of antibiotics to fight off the illness.

In the blood infection variety of leptospirosis, a hemorrhage may begin in the mouth and eye area. You may find blood in the vomit or feces of your pet. Icteric Leptospirosis will begin with similar symptoms. Your pet may have obvious liver impairment like yellowing skin or jaundice. Renal Leptospirosis presents with a high fever and some of the other symptoms and leads to renal failure. Dogs with this kind of infection may have a chronic kidney impairment for the remainder of their lives.

Leptospirosis infections are completely preventable with vaccines. Your puppy can begin receiving this vaccine as early as six weeks of age and get it yearly to keep their immunity up. This will help prevent leptospirosis from affecting other animals and your dog. Call us at New Hope Animal Hospital today to get your pets vaccinated or treated for Leptospirosis.

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