Puppy and Kitten Care at New Hope Animal Hospital

Puppies and kittens require a great deal of care. Not only do they need your love and comfort, they also require constant vet care to keep them healthy at all times. Here at New Hope Animal Hospital, our veterinarians in Durham provides a variety of puppy and kitten care services that your new pet will need in his or her life.

Puppy and Kitten Care at New Hope Animal Hospital

Complete Exams

Pet wellness exams are essential for growth and development in pets. Our veterinarians will do a complete exam to make sure that your new pet is healthy, and free of diseases, illnesses, and parasites. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions pertaining your beloved animal’s health.


Young animals are still developing their immune system, which is still not strong enough to handle diseases and illnesses. Puppies and kittens will need vaccines to aid their immune response when conditions hurdle their way. Vaccines can be administered at 6 weeks old. Ask our vets to help create a vaccination shot schedule for your puppy or kitten.


Microchipping your new pet can help him or her return to you safely if it becomes lost or stolen. Our veterinarians would implant a tiny chip under your pet's skin with an injection, which is no more painful than getting a vaccine. The chip that is inserted will contain a number that coincides with a number in a database, which includes all of your contact information. This inexpensive procedure provides peace of mind to many pet owners.

Spaying and Neutering

Consider having your pet spayed or neutered when he or she is old enough. This type of surgical procedure is beneficial in many ways, including keeping the pet population under control, preventing certain cancers and infections, and reducing unwanted behavior. Talk to our veterinarians in Durham about spaying and neutering your puppy or kitten.

Preventative Care

Parasites can bring many diseases to pets, and can affect your pet’s quality of life. Your beloved animal will need flea, tick, and heartworm prevention medication to remain healthy and free of parasites.

Kitten and Puppy Care in Durham, North Carolina

Bringing a new pet home is exciting and exhausting at the same time. But in order to have your puppy or kitten happy and healthy for as long as possible, regular vet care is essential. To schedule an appointment, or to find out more information about our kitten and puppy care, contact New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham at (919) 490-2000.

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