Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders

New Hope Animal Hospital Offers Care for Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders

Pets can develop health problems that are similar to those found in humans. Both dogs and cats can have diabetes and a number of metabolic and endocrine system problems that require treatment to keep pets from becoming very ill. At New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC, we treat metabolic and endocrine disorders that commonly occur in pets.

New Hope Animal Hospital Offers Care for Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders

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What Are Metabolic & Endocrine System Disorders?

The metabolism consists of a variety of systems that functions together to provide nutrition to the cells and turns that into energy. Sometimes, this system becomes disrupted and is unable to support normal function. A variety of symptoms can occur and could signal a failure in the system, indicating for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment is needed to support the health. One of these disorders that occurs in both dogs and cats is diabetes. Diabetes can have a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system and can lead to an early death if not treated early.

Symptoms of Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders

Each type of disorder will exhibit its own set of symptoms. However, if your dog or cat seems constantly thirsty, urinates frequently, seems hungry all the time, has gained or lost weight despite normal eating, is losing hair, or shows significant loss of energy, it may be because of an underlying metabolic or endocrine system problem.

Causes of Metabolic & Endocrine System Disorders

Diabetes, thyroid disorders, Cushing’s disease, and Addison’s disease are common disorders in pets. Some disorders occur because of inherited problems. Other disorders may develop as a part of normal aging or obesity.

Diagnosing Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders

Our Durham veterinarians will carefully examine your pet for any metabolic and endocrine disorders that are causing symptoms to your pet. Blood chemistry tests can help to pinpoint specific problems.

Treatment for Metabolic & Endocrine Problems

Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture veterinary medicines have developed a number of drugs that can help animals with metabolic and endocrine system disorders. These drugs are generally taken daily and may need to be taken for the rest of the animal’s life. Our veterinarians can provide more information about metabolic and endocrine disorders and how to treat them during your pet’s examination.

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