Senior Pet Wellness

Senior pet care is extremely important for cats and dogs so that they remain in the best of health during their elder years. One important step to take during this stage of your pet's life is making sure they receive routine veterinary care. If you are in search of a veterinarian, contact New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham to make an appointment. Here is general information about senior pet wellness, the benefits of routine examinations for senior animals, and points about why senior pets need more attention.


General Information About Senior Pet Wellness

During the later years of life, pets often slow down as their bodies age. They may have difficulty performing the same actions as they did in the past. Their appetite might change. They may also experience an increase in medical difficulties. Be aware of any changes your pet has in their normal behavior or routine. This could indicate that your pet needs an examination and possible treatment for an ailment.

The Benefits Of Routine Examinations

Our veterinarian will let you know their recommendations regarding the frequency to make appointments for your senior pet. Since conditions vary, some people may need to bring their pet into our office more often than others. Routine examinations are very beneficial for senior pets as they can indicate a change in their weight, temperature, or body appearance. Our veterinarian will keep notes about each of your pet's appointments and use these as guidelines to alert them about any significant change. Routine examinations also ensure that your pet will receive appropriate treatment without waiting a long time to obtain it. This will help them to remain comfortable during their geriatric years.

Why Older Pets Need More Attention

As a pet gets older, you may notice they seem to need more attention than they did in the past. They have grown to rely upon you over the years and feel that your presence is a sense of comfort during times when they aren't feeling up to par. Make it a priority to provide your older pet with the attention they crave. Pet your dog or cat often and talk to it so it has the familiarity of your voice to help comfort it when needed. Be aware of your pet's actions so you can provide it with assistance when it isn't able to perform a task on its own. For example, if your pet struggles to jump up on a couch, consider placing a pet bed on the floor instead.

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