The Signs of Skin Problems for Dogs

Just like humans, our furry friends also experience skin problems which can result from many factors. Depending on the breed, dogs are prone to skin infections and conditions, which could have adverse effects on the overall health of the animal. While a rash, hair loss, itchy skin, sores or scabs, can be minor problems, prolonged irritation can signal a significant problem. Some skin problems cannot be handled by a regular veterinarian and may require a specialist.

a dog having skin problem

New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham is here to help you identify what is ailing your pet. Here are three signs that your dog needs to be seen for a dermatology visit.

When Skin Issues Affect the Quality of Life

Itchy skin can be destructive. When scratching interrupts the essential functions in your pet, like playing, it is affecting the quality of life in the animal. Irritation can be so severe that your pet may need to take several breaks during meals or wake up in the middle of the night to scratch themselves. If scratching and chewing the paws is becoming so excessive and uncontrollable that your pet can't play or feed in peace, it could signal a bigger problem. A veterinary dermatology appointment is a good idea.

Self-Harm or Damaging Irritation

Irritation is widespread in dogs. It could be from a dirty or sweaty ear, a twig that won't let go, or a reaction to being on the grass for too long. Excessive scratching is nothing close to not normal, primarily if it's affecting the normal behavior of the canine. If you notice that your dog is scratching to the extent that they are causing scabs, sores, or bleeding, it is likely time to schedule a dermatology visit.

The Symptoms Are Worsening With Time

When it comes to skin problems in dogs, the condition only gets worse because of the involuntary scratching. Abnormal scratching should not last more than a week. Watch how frequent your pet scratches and observe the affected places closely; it will help you figure out if it is only a minor irritation. If the scratching leads to hair loss and the rash starts to spread or appears to get worse, your dog could be having a problem that needs urgent attention and medication.

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