Microchipping Can Save Your Pet's Life


There have been many times that our pets have gotten out of our houses without us knowing about it. Oftentimes they escape our houses and are never to be seen again. This is an unfortunate reality of keeping a pet. However, there is a solution that can keep your pet safe. Microchipping is a safe method that can help you keep track of your pet in the event that they escape your home and become lost. New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC has some information about microchipping and how it can potentially save your pet's life.

What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping is a method that is implanted subcutaneously around the shoulder blades and neck areas in your pet. The chip itself is no bigger than a grain of rice and will allow your veterinarian to keep track of your pet in the event that they escape. The microchip can be detected using a microchip scanner and your pet's information is kept in a database. Should your pet be found you will be contacted with the information that is stored in that particular database.

The Importance of Microchipping

As mentioned previously, your pet can leave your home and become permanently lost. There are so many stray dogs and cats that never make their way back home each year due to them escaping your yard or house. This puts them in danger as they are unable to fend for themselves in the city or the wild. Microchipping is a chance to help bring your pet home back to safety in the event that they leave your home. 

The Microchipping Process

Putting the microchip into your pet is a quick process that takes only a few seconds. There is slight discomfort but the process is generally painless. A needle is used to inject the microchip subcutaneously. Your pet is good to go once the microchip is in and their information will be stored in our databases to be used in the event that they leave home. 

Get Your Pet Microchipped Today

When your pet escapes your home they are unable to rationalize what they are doing. One exciting thing can lead to another and suddenly they are lost. This is why it is important to get them microchipped as soon as possible to help find them should they become lost. New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC can help microchip your pet for you. We have been servicing the Durham area since 2003 and have the expertise to help your pet when they need it the most. GIve us a call today at 919-490-2000 to schedule your microchipping treatment today.

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