Pet Dental Care FAQs


Pets use their teeth for more than humans do, so it is important to keep your pet's teeth in perfect shape. At New Hope Animal Hospital, we have provided residents of Durham, NC, with reliable pet care services for many years. This includes pet dental care. Below, we examine the reasons why pet dental care is so important and explain the ways a veterinarian can help.

Why Is Pet Dental Care Important?

Pets rely on their teeth for more than just eating. To a cat or dog, the teeth are an extra set of hands and can help them vocalize. It is important to keep your pet's teeth in great shape with regular pet dental appointments. Decayed and diseased teeth can spread infections to otherwise healthy teeth if not taken care of quickly. Periodontal disease, such as gingivitis, can spring up and pose other concerning health issues as well. Often, dangerous diseases first show signs of trouble in the mouth. By noticing trends in your pet's mouth, it is possible to catch heart and kidney disease before it becomes a larger systemic issue.

What Can be Treated with a Pet Dental Exam?

During a dental exam, a veterinarian will be able to treat both the teeth and the gums. The vet will check for signs of periodontal disease in and around the gum line. Any ulcers or abscesses within the mouth can also be treated at this time. The veterinarian will work to remove any built-up tartar or plaque that could further lead to tooth decay. The integrity of each tooth will be checked, with diseased or damaged teeth removed to prevent the spread of disease to otherwise healthy teeth.

What Can a Veterinarian Help with?

Aside from a dental wellness exam where a pet's teeth are cleaned and checked, a veterinarian can help create a plan for pet dental wellness between dental visits. Often, this can take the form of an additive that can be put in your pet's water. This can help break down debris and tarter before it leads to gingivitis. A veterinarian is also able to suggest various textured chews and treats to help clean in and around a pet's gum line. These textured chews are designed to massage the gum line and remove any accumulated debris between vet visits.

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