Parasite Prevention and Treatment

Parasites can be bothersome and introduce deadly diseases to the host pet and humans in the household. Fortunately, Pet parasites are quite preventable but it's important you keep your pet protected before he gets infested. If you live in or near Durham, NC, and need a veterinarian near you, contact us at New Hope Animal Hospital for your veterinary care.

Parasite Prevention and Treatment

Common Parasitic Threats to Pets

Fleas, ticks, and heartworm are the primary parasitic culprits to protect against. Ticks spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and potentially more. Fleas bring allergic reactions, carry worms, and infest your home. Lastly, heartworm can kill pets or force them into complex and expensive treatments.

Parasite Prevention

Various medicines are the best means of controlling parasites and should be given year-round. The appropriate oral medicines will prevent these harmful diseases from harming your pet.  Other preventatives are worn on a collar or applied in liquid form to your pet’s coat.

Other steps that will help prevent or reduce the likelihood of your pet being adversely affected by parasites include:

●             Grooming and shampooing your pet regularly.

●             Use a flea comb to remove anything found on your pet.

Maintaining a clean home, vacuuming often, keeping your grass trimmed, and removing leaf piles from your yard may also help eliminate flea and tick habitats.

Despite following all these practices at home, pets can be exposed to parasites away from home, so the best course of action is to ensure you give your pet the proper preventive medicine.

Parasite Treatments

Some parasite treatments involve the same routines used to prevent parasites, while others include courses of medication. Heartworm is a significant problem because the treatment is lengthy, expensive, and painful. Even then, the pet may end up being beyond treatment if he is brought in too late.

Get Parasite Prevention and Veterinary Care from a Veterinarian Near You

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