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  • Core Canine and Feline Vaccinations
    Core Canine and Feline Vaccinations Core or recommended and required vaccines are vital to your cat's or dog's health. At New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, our staff keeps track of Read more
  • Pet Microchipping in Durham—Why It’s Essential for Your Furry Friends
    Pet Microchipping Here at New Hope Animal Hospital, our veterinarians in Durham recommends that all pet owners consider having their companion animals microchipped. These radio-frequency devices are not tracking chips, rather Read more
  • Concerned about Pet Anesthesia? Talk to your Durham Veterinarian to Learn More
    Talk to your Durham Veterinarian to Learn More There are many procedures that require the use of pet anesthesia to complete. Got concerns about anesthetizing your dog or cat? Talk to Read more
  • Signs your Pet has Allergies from Your Durham Veterinarian
    Skin allergies can come from any number of sources, including allergens in the home, certain foods, or environmental allergens that change with the seasons.  Recognizing the signs of allergies in Read more
  • Pet Dental Health Month
    February 2019 was Pet Dental Health Month, a reminder to pet owners everywhere of the importance of caring for their pet’s teeth. Oral health is just as important to Read more
  • New Puppy? What to Do First
    Bringing a new puppy home can be very exciting, but it is also a lot of work. If you have never owned a puppy before, there are a few things Read more
  • Holiday Pet Boarding
    Pet Boarding During the Holidays If you are planning to travel this holiday season, you are going to need to find a place for your pets to stay. If you are Read more
  • Parasite Prevention In Durham, NC
    Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks If you are a dog or cat owner, dealing with fleas and ticks is something you need to consider Read more
  • Pet Senior Wellness: The New Hope Animal Hospital Senior Wellness Program
    Pet Senior Wellness: The New Hope Animal Hospital Senior Wellness Program At New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, we work hard to meet the needs of pets of all ages, but Read more
  • The "Tooth" About Pet Dental Care
      Benefits of Professional Animal Dentistry Did you know that caring for your pets' teeth and gums can actually help them live longer, happier lives? Dental disease is a very common issue for Read more
  • Need A Vet In Chapel Hill?
    Do You Need a Vet in Chapel Hill? Look No Further! Are you looking for a veterinarian in Chapel Hill? Now is the time to contact New Hope Animal Hospital! If Read more
  • New Hope Animal Hospital: Veterinarian Serving Chapel Hill
    New Hope Animal Hospital: Veterinarian Serving Chapel Hill  Welcome to New Hope Animal Hospital, where our Durham and Chapel Hill veterinarian offers comprehensive animal wellness care. Whether you are a new patient of Read more
  • Senior Pet Exams in Durham and Chapel Hill
    Senior Pet Exams in Durham and Chapel Hill At New Hope Animal Hospital, we are here for every stage of your pet's life, including the golden years. Since senior pets can Read more
  • Preparing to Adopt a Reptile?
    Chat with Our Chapel Hill and Durham Veterinarian Before Bringing Home a Reptile Reptiles can fascinate a family for years, but they have very different living requirements from those of furry Read more
  • Fleas: Treatment and Prevention
    Helpful Tips on Flea Prevention Pet owners have been dealing with flea infestations ever since domestic dogs and cats first moved into human settlements. Fleas can make the leap to other Read more
  • 5 Tips For Better Boarding
    5 Tips for a Better Pet Boarding Experience Holiday travel, emergencies and illness can all result in leaving pet owners scrambling to find pet care while they are out of the Read more

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