Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease


When warmer weather is present, the potential for a dog or cat to contract heartworm increases. It is important to take the step in providing your pet with heartworm treatment to prevent these parasites from causing your dog or cat health risks. Contact New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham to obtain preventative treatment. Our veterinary team will discuss heartworm, flea, and tick prevention steps with you to keep your pet in the best of health. Here is some information about heartworm disease to read over so you understand the importance of protecting your pet against these parasites.

What Heartworm Disease Entails

If your pet gets heartworms, they will make their way into the heart and lungs of your dog or cat. These parasites can cause a pet to become very sick and they can even cause death. Heartworms are derived from mosquitos. If a mosquito bites a pet that has heartworm, and then the insect bites another pet, the infection is spread. 

How To Protect Your Pet

Since mosquitos are carriers for heartworm, it is important to treat your property to keep these pests at a minimum if possible. Use citronella candles to keep mosquitos from getting too close to your pet if it spends any time outdoors. In addition, remove any water sources from your property as these are known to attract mosquitoes so they can use the moisture for breeding purposes. If necessary, hire a pest control service to assist in mosquito removal.

How Our Vet Can Help

Bringing your pet to our veterinary practice for heartworm treatment is best. Our practitioner will provide your pet with monthly pills or immunization to keep heartworm from becoming a problem altogether. If your pet already has heartworm, our vet will explain tactics in making them comfortable. Unfortunately, there is no remedy for heartworm in cats, so prevention is the best course of action when dealing with these parasites.

If you are looking for flea, heartworm, or tick prevention help, call New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham today. Call us at (919) 490-2000.

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