New Hope Animal Hospital Offers Help For Pet Allergy

As in people, allergies can make your pet miserable. Runny eyes, ear infections, sneezing, coughing, and scratching are common. These reactions occur when the immune system gets mistakenly triggered. At New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC, we can provide effective treatment for allergy problems in pets.


Common Allergy Symptoms

You may notice oozing from your pet’s eyes or increased scratching at the ears, repeatedly sneezing, snoring from throat irritation, skin eruptions or diarrhea. The animal may spend more time licking or grooming at skin areas, Paws may be red, swollen and irritated. Food allergies can display a broad range of symptoms, from vomiting to skin problems, ear infections, flatulence, and loose or frequent stools. Both dogs and cats can show allergy symptoms. Symptoms may be periodic, which indicates an allergen that comes from outdoors, or continuous, which may mean a reaction to something inside the home, such as cleaning products, grooming products or fabrics that cause the body to respond.

Seasonal Allergies

Many pets have seasonal allergies that cause symptoms only at certain times of the year. In these cases, the allergen may be grass, weeds or pollen that proliferates during the warm months. In these cases, your vet in Durham may recommend keeping your pet indoors as much as possible, wiping its feet to prevent tracking allergens into the house and medications to reduce symptoms.

Food Allergies

Pets with chronic digestive issues may have an allergy as the cause of their problem. Although vomiting and diarrhea are the major symptoms of a food allergy, the animal may also have skin or respiratory symptoms. Tracking down the source of a food allergy can take some time. Special commercially prepared pet foods are available that contain ingredients that are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. Your Durham vet may also suggest an “elimination diet," that is, feeding your pet only one food at a time to determine the offending substance.

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