In many cases, senior pets need additional support and care. If you're in the Durham area and looking for a veterinarian who can help with your senior cat or dog, New Hope Animal Hospital is the right choice. We understand that seniors may require more testing to identify problems and may have chronic health issues that need ongoing monitoring and treatment. 

Senior Pet Care

How are Senior Pets Different?

Senior pets aren't so different from their younger counterparts in many ways, but they do have some unique needs. One of the biggest differences is that senior pets are slowing down a little bit and may not be able to do the same things that younger pets can. While they can still feel happy and healthy most of the time, they typically have less energy as they age.

This could mean, for example, taking your older dog on shorter walks than you did when it was younger. Senior cats may spend more time sleeping or quietly spending time with you instead of playing or chasing toys. Many senior pets still enjoy most of the things they liked when they were young, but they may not be able to do them as easily or fully as before.

What Will Your Veterinarian Look For?

Your veterinarian and the rest of the staff at your animal hospital will be looking for any obvious signs or symptoms of disease or health problems in your senior pet. Routine exams are especially important as your pet ages because detecting problems early makes them more treatable. This can improve your pet's quality of life as it ages and provide protection.

Do Senior Pets Have More Medical Issues?

On average, senior pets typically have more medical issues than younger pets. However, that doesn't necessarily mean your pet will get sick. Some seniors don't really need care that's any different from young pets, while others may have increased medical needs. Working closely with your veterinarian is the best way to keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible as it ages.

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If you're in the Durham area and in need of a veterinarian to help care for your senior pet, reach out to New Hope Animal Hospital at (919) 490-2000. We know your dog or cat is important to you, and we want to help you give your pet the best care throughout its life.

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