Getting your pet neutered or spayed

Getting your pets spayed and neutered is a good idea. There are too many homeless and unwanted animals around already. Apart from population control, it is also healthier for your pet to have this procedure done. At New Hope Animal Hospital, we provide quality pet healthcare for the Durham community and a part of that care is offering spaying and neutering services. It is best to do this when your pet is young, but if you adopt an adult pet who has not had this procedure, we would recommend doing so. This procedure can also be done on pet rabbits as well.

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Health benefits of spay and neuter

The American Humane Society cited a study that appeared in USA Today that said male dogs live 18% longer, and female dogs live 23% longer if they have had this procedure. Animals that have had the spay or neuter procedure by a veterinarian are less likely to roam, and less likely to get into fights with other animals. They are also less likely to get certain forms of cancer. Female dogs and cats that have been spayed before their first heat are generally healthier, according to the Humane Society report. Pets can get the spay and neuter procedure as early as eight to ten weeks of age.

Behavior control

Having your pet neutered or spayed by a veterinarian also helps with behavior issues. It makes them less tense, and to some extent less bold. Unneutered dogs are more aggressive in general, more likely to show excessive barking, and more prone to marking their territory with urine. Cats spray their urine as a marker too, and that can be reduced as well with this procedure.

What it involves

Spaying or neutering is basic surgery but not major surgery. Neutering refers to males and involves removing the testicles and flesh structures around them. Spaying involves removing the ovaries and uterus of the female dog or cat. The treatment is done on an out-patient basis, meaning your furry friend can come home after the procedure is done. You will need to keep him or her inside and away from other animals for a week or so, and don't let them run and jump too much. Keep them from licking the incision, and keep an eye on it to make sure it does not get infected. Your pet should be fine in a few days.

Give us a call

If you are in the Durham area and would like to set up an appointment to spay or neuter your pet, please call us. The New Hope Animal Hospital will provide quality veterinary care to ensure your furry friend a happy and healthy life.

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