Spay and Neuter Surgery from Your Trusted Durham Veterinarian

Like so many pet owners, you always want the very best for your special four-legged friends. That means taking all the critical steps to ensure good health and wellness -- and if your home already has all the inhabitants it can handle, it also means preventing unwanted litters of puppies or kittens! Your trusted Durham veterinarian here at New Hope Animal Hospital can help on both counts by providing spay and neuter surgery.

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Why Our Vet Team Recommends Spaying or Neutering Your Pets

If you love animals, it may be only natural to assume "the more, the merrier" -- but that's not necessarily the case. Every litter of new arrivals to your household will require feeding, shelter, veterinary care, supervision and room to play. This is more than many owners can manage, so they have no alternative but to give the puppies or kittens up for adoption. Many of these animals end up in animal shelters that can't afford to care for them either, forcing their destruction. Sexual sterilization by our vet team prevents these unfortunate outcomes while ensuring more resources for the animals we already have.

But spaying and neutering isn't just a means of preventing pregnancy; it's also a powerful preventative wellness strategy. Here are some of the ways it helps keep your animals healthy:

Reduced cancer risk

Ovariohysterectomy (removal of the female reproductive organs) and castration (removal of the males testes) can literally remove the risk of ovarian, uterine and testicular cancer,lowering your pet's overall lifetime cancer risk in the process. Spaying even reduces the risk of mammary cancer dramatically.

Healthier behavior

Raging hormones produced by the reproductive organs can cause your pet to misbehave in a number of ways, some of which may ultimately prove dangerous. Spay and neuter surgery can reduce heat-related tendencies toward aggression and compulsive roaming,both of which could lead to fights, accidents and other hazards to your pet's health.

Spay or neuter surgery makes the biggest positive impact when performed before your pet reaches adulthood. In fact, your Durham veterinarian can perform it on animals as young as 8 weeks of age as part of our clinic's recommended routine puppy and kitten wellness care.

Contact Our Durham Vet Clinic Today to Schedule Spay or Neuter Surgery

Spay and neuter surgery is considered a same-day procedure, so you can bring your pet home as soon as the anesthesia wears off. Our Durham vet clinic will prescribe any post-operative medications your pet may need and advise you on how to watch for any signs of bleeding, infection or other issues that might require our attention. We'll also schedule a follow-up exam just to make sure your pet is recovering nicely.

Call New Hope Animal Hospital today at 919-490-2000 to schedule this important contraceptive and wellness procedure. It could one of the healthiest things you ever do for that beloved animal in your life!

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