Veterinary Care for Chapel Hill Pets

Veterinary Care for Chapel Hill Pets

Our Veterinary Clinic Serves Both Durham and Chapel Hill

Does your pet need a checkup? Fortunately, our veterinarians can handle this and much more when it comes to your pet’s health and safety. The good news is that our neighbors in Chapel Hill can also benefit from the all of the same full-service pet care that we offer at our animal hospital here in Durham. Having a clinic close in proximity for both cities allows us to provide our caring and compassionate veterinary care to a larger number of pets.

We offer both the Durham and Chapel Hill pet communities a wide array of services. We have always emphasized the need for routine wellness care as a critical factor in animal health, from vaccinations and dental checkups to pet grooming. Having a clinic close at hand can help ensure that you schedule regular visits -- thus ensuring your pet's long-term well-being. Because our animal hospital encompasses all the veterinary needs your pet may require, you can rely on us to help ensure that your pet is happy and healthy.

Should your pet face an emergency, we can provide urgent services as well and you will not have far to drive no matter where in the area you are. Offering emergency care during our office hours means that you will be able to bring your pet in to a place where he is familiar with the office and staff during what could be a painful, stressful and chaotic time.

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If you live within our extended coverage area, we encourage you to look into New Hope Animal Hospital as your local veterinary resource. We think you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can reach a trusted practitioner for any of the issues that may arise regarding your pet. We will work together to achieve the same goal of long-term pet wellness and loving care that your pet deserves.

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