Taking the Fear Out of Dog Surgery

Taking the Fear Out of Dog Surgery

From Spay and Neuter Surgery to Emergency Operations

preparing your pet for surgeryIf the prospect of scheduling dog surgery for your pet alarms you, we understand your concern -- any major veterinary procedure merits care and caution. Fortunately, those are two things we deliver here at New Hope Animal Hospital, along with the skill and expertise to optimize your pet's outcome. Here are a few of the surgical procedures we frequently perform:

Spay and neuter surgery - These sterilization operations are so commonplace today that they have actually become a standard wellness recommendation. Spay surgery is a removal of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes of females, while neutering involves castration of males. These procedures not only keep you from an unexpected litter of puppies, but they also cut your dog's cancer risk and relieve the frustrations that cause aggressive behaviors.

Dental surgery - If your dog has an infected or broken tooth, we may recommend dental surgery. Even a simple extraction can save the other teeth from bacterial infections that endanger health and make chewing an agonizing experience.

Orthopedic surgery - Larger dogs often develop dysplasia, a painful and sometimes crippling degenerative hip condition. Hip replacements or other procedures can relieve chronic pain and restore joint movement. Dogs can also damage the anterior cruciate ligament that stabilizes a knee joint. We can fix this through several surgical options, from reshaping the tibial plateau (TPLO surgery) to altering the tibia's relationship to the patellar tendon (TTA surgery).

Skin and eye surgery - Skin tumors are usually harmless but may prove malignant, so based on our diagnosis, we may recommend their removal. Once we remove the tumor, we examine it to see if it represents a cancer that calls for additional treatment. Eye injuries or diseases may call for surgery as well; for instance, many older develop cataracts that can be removed surgically.

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