New Hope Animal Hospital: Veterinarian Serving Chapel Hill

New Hope Animal Hospital: Veterinarian Serving Chapel Hill 

Welcome to New Hope Animal Hospital, where our Durham and Chapel Hill veterinarian offers comprehensive animal wellness care. Whether you are a new patient of ours, or a longtime veterinary patient who is curious about some of our other animal wellness services, we want to take a minute to remind you what we do, so we can best serve you. 

Our Durham and Chapel Hill Vet Services

Our veterinarian serving Durham and Chapel Hill offers the following animal wellness services: 

  • Animal Dentistry - Your pet needs dental care too. We can clean your pet's teeth under anesthesia, protecting their oral health and ensuring their comfort during the procedure. 
  • Animal Surgery - Whether your pet has an emergency or needs a routine surgery like spay/neuter, we are here to provide caring, compassionate surgical services. Our state of the art facility ensures your pet will receive high quality medical attention when it matters most. 
  • Pet Vaccinations - Let us keep your pet up to date with shots that protect against devastating pet health diseases. 
  • Emergency Veterinary Services - During our business hours, we are able to respond to pet emergencies and give you the immediate care you need.
  • Senior Pet Care and Wellness - We know your pet has special needs during the golden years. Our Durham and Chapel Hill veterinarians can provide age appropriate care for senior pets. 
  • Canine Influenza - There is a canine influenza outbreak in the U.S. We can offer preventative advice and treat your dog if he or she comes down with canine influenza. 

Can we help you with anything? We are not just your pet's medical care provider, but we want to do everything to keep your cat or dog healthy and happy.

For more information about our pet services in Chapel Hill, give us a call today! 

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