Emergency Care For Your Pet in Durham and Chapel Hill

Emergency Care For Your Pet

Unfortunately, a pet emergency can happen at any time. Car accidents, broken bones, fights with other animals, ingestion of poisonous substances, swallowing foreign objects or severe allergic reactions are some of the most common emergency situations for pets. Many of these problems can be life-threatening, requiring immediate veterinary treatment to ensure the animal’s survival. We at New Hope Animal Hospital have the knowledge and training to provide the care that is needed to help pets that are in severe distress.

When Is It An Emergency?

In most cases, a pet owner will recognize when a serious emergency has occurred. The animal will have problems breathing, is unconscious or is bleeding profusely. In these cases, you should call New Hope immediately for care instructions and bring the animal into the office. In other cases, pet owners won’t be sure if the situation is an emergency or not. The animal may be vomiting continuously or may be behaving in an uncharacteristic manner. Pet owners should always feel free to call our hospital to ask questions and report possible problems with their animals. We at New Hope Animal Hospital can advise you on whether your pet needs to be seen immediately and what you can do in the interim to keep them safe and comfortable.

Let New Hope Animal Hospital Be Your Veterinarian in Durham, Chapel Hill          

The veterinarians and staff at New Hope Animal Hospital are dedicated to the care of animals at all stages of their lives. That’s why our motto is, “Your pets—our family.” We provide a range of veterinary services for our patients in Durham and Chapel Hill, including, wellness care, vaccinations, spay and neuter services, dental care, senior pet care, diagnostic services, and emergency care. Contact New Hope Animal Hospital today at 919-317-6091 for an appointment to ensure your pets continued good health and to learn about the help that is available if you should have an emergency.

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