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Litter Training for Your Kitten

We love the sweet faces and gentle purrs of our cats, and we appreciate the fact that they are generally able to take care of themselves. However, there are some things that a responsible pet owner should do from the moment they bring home a new kitten. At New Hope Animal Hospital, we have been providing residents of Durham, NC with kitten care services for many years. This includes helping new cat owners train their pets to use a litter box.

Importance of Litter Training 

Litter training is one of the most important things that new pet owners do when they bring home their kitten. Being properly trained on the litter box means that the animal will not do any damage to your Durham, NC home by having accidents outside their box. It is best to begin litter training as early in your pet’s life as possible, as this is when you are in the best position to mold your pet’s personality and behaviors. You will need to get a litter box as well as some cat toys and treats.

Much of the process of litter training comes down to positive reinforcement. You need to reward the animal for doing what it is supposed to when it uses the litter box. Continue to place the cat into its box often throughout the day to hopefully catch it at a time when it needs to use the bathroom. Once it has done so in the box a few times, then it will generally get the hang of how it works and start to do so on its own.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Durham, NC for Litter Training Assistance 

If you are having trouble training your kitten to use a litter box, contact New Hope Animal Hospital today. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us today at (919) 490-2000.

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