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How Often Should You Cut Your Pet's Nails?

How Often Should You Cut Your Pet's Nails?

Just like humans, your pet's grooming requires more than just brushing your pet and bathing your pet. One of the most important factors of proper pet grooming is clipping their nails/claws. Not only is it necessary to protect you and your furnishings from scratches, but it's also essential for your pet's health. You'll need to help your cat or dog become accustomed to having their nails clipped to reduce their fear of the process. Unfortunately, not all pets will become accustomed to the task. If your cat or dog refuses to let you clip their nails, it's best to take them to our veterinary team at New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC. Here are some tips to alert you when it's time to clip your pet's nails.

Frequency of Clipping

An animal's nails naturally wear down with regular activity, but if you have an indoor pet, they will need their nails clipped more frequently. The increase in frequency is because indoor animals aren't usually as active as outdoor pets and typically walk on softer surfaces than outdoor surfaces.

  • Cats – Maintaining indoor cat's nails is essential to preventing them from snagging or ripping furniture, curtains, and rugs. Cats with long claws are prone to infection. The claws can be painful for your pet, especially if they crack or break. Your cat should have his or her nails clipped every ten days to two weeks to avoid the risk of infection or breakage.
  • Dogs – Your dog's overgrown nails can lead to health problems and ingrown nails. Some dogs may struggle with balancing their full body weight when nails are overgrown, leading to injuring their hips, feet, or legs. One of the easiest ways to determine if it's time for your dog's nails to be clipped is if you can hear his or her nails clicking when they walk on tile or hardwood. Our veterinarians will usually recommend that dogs have their nails clipped about every 3-4 weeks.

Contact Our Animal Hospital for Pet Care from Our Veterinarians in Durham, NC

When clipping pet nails, make sure to have all of the tools you'll need and try to remain calm. Whether it's clipping their nails or bathing, if you need help grooming your pet, contact our veterinarians at New Hope Animal Hospital. Find out how our team can help your pet stay healthy and happy.

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