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Unexpected Bleeding in Pets

Unexpected Bleeding in Pets

Since external bleeding can be caused by multiple situations, from trauma to an internal disease, it's essential to contact our team at New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham for emergency pet care. You shouldn't make assumptions when the pet bleeding source is unknown. Our veterinarians will need to examine to determine if the situation is life-threatening. Our vets always advise that you refrain from administering any remedies we did not prescribe. Anything you believe your pet may have ingested outside of the norm should be told to our veterinarians to make a more informed decision on the right course of treatment for the patient.

Causes of External Bleeding in Pets

At New Hope Animal Hospital, we have dealt with a wide range of pet bleeding issues, and one of the leading causes is poison ingestion, which is often life-threatening. We often see cases where a pet ingests a poison that was set for rodents. If your pet happens to ingest any poison, rapid treatment is essential as it is also deadly for pets. If you don't see an immediate sign of hurt, contact us immediately as the symptoms can take several days or even weeks to present themselves. Other causes of bleeding in pets include falling or being hit, mouth or nose cancer, liver failure, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and pyometra.

Contact Us for Emergency Pet Care in Durham, NC

Remember that prompt evaluation is recommended when your pet's source of bleeding is unknown. Our veterinarians at New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham use assessment, observation, and examinations to specify the bleeding source. Call us today at (919)-490-2000 to find out how we can get your pet healthy and happy again. Remember to inform our veterinarian of any treatments or toxins your pet might have consumed. Contact us today for quality emergency pet care.

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