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Pet Poison Ingestion

Pet Poison Ingestion

Since pets are commonly viewed as being members of the family, pet poison ingestion can lead to the same panic that would be felt had your spouse or child been poisoned. However, the poisoning of pets can be more difficult to detect as pets are unable to tell you when they are feeling ill. Pet owners need to be aware of the signs that their pet has been poisoned. At New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, we love animals just as much as you do. We are committed to providing quality emergency pet care to get your furry friend feeling better again.

What is Poisonous for Pets?

Many items around your home and garden can make your pet sick if they are ingested. Some of the common items to watch out for include chocolate, raisins, household cleaners, and nuts to name a few. Pet owners need to be aware of any toxic substances and attempt to keep those items away from their pets.

The Symptoms of Pet Poison Ingestion

While common symptoms of pet poison ingestion include vomiting and diarrhea, it is possible for your pet to not initially display any symptoms of illness. The severity of the symptoms and course of treatment is contingent upon the type of poison that was ingested.

When To Call Our Veterinarians

If you believe that your pet has ingested a harmful substance, you should immediately seek emergency pet care from a licensed veterinarian. Identify the substance that you believe your pet has ingested, place it out of your pet’s reach, and bring the item with you to our animal hospital so that one of our veterinarians can provide the appropriate treatment.

Contact New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC

If you live in or around Durham and believe that your pet may have been poisoned, call our team at New Hope Animal Hospital immediately at 919-490-2000. Better yet, store our number on your phone so that you are prepared to act when an emergency occurs. Our veterinarians take pride in providing quality care for our patients.

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