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Fleas: Treatment and Prevention

Helpful Tips on Flea Prevention

Pet owners have been dealing with flea infestations ever since domestic dogs and cats first moved into human settlements. Fleas can make the leap to other mammals, including humans, so preventing and treating a flea problem benefits not only your pets but the rest of your family as well. Here are some tips for dealing with fleas from your Chapel Hill and Durham veterinarians at New Hope Animal Hospital.

Detecting fleas at any point in their life cycle is difficult because they are so tiny. Flea eggs are barely half a millimeter in length. These eggs may be hatched on your pet and then drop onto the ground or into the carpet, where they hide as larvae and pupae before emerging as adults. Adult fleas look like little black specks, and you may spot them on your pet's skin by searching with a flea comb.

Flea Treatments; Our Veterinary Hospital

If your pet has fleas, fortunately there are a variety of methods for getting rid of them. Our veterinary hospital can prescribe a shampoo or topical ointment that will kill the fleas without harming your dog or cat. Sprays can work but you must careful about how you use them, especially if you have other pets in the home that may be sensitive to them. If you use our dog boarding or cat boarding service, your pet will need to be flea-free before you pet's stay at our facility.

Any veterinarian will tell you that prevention is always the best cure for a flea problem. Regular steam cleaning and vacuuming in your home can capture flea eggs or larvae before they can become adults. Applying a pet-safe yard treatment can help control the outdoor flea population. We can also prescribe a monthly program of chewable flea treatments, topical medications or incorporate a flea preventative into your pet's de-worming medication. Contact us for more information how we can help keep your Chapel Hill or Durham pet flea-free.

What steps do you take to prevent fleas? How have you dealt with flea infestations in your home?

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