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Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

How Chocolate Affects Dogs

New Hope Animal Hospital knows many people treat their pets as family members, and think nothing about sharing food from the table. However, when it comes to chocolate, our veterinarians advise pet owners not to share it with pets, no matter how much it seems like your dog would really like it. In trying to be generous and loving, you could actually be hurting your pet.

Dogs can have just as much of a sweet tooth as humans can, but their bodies are not able to break down and metabolize a stimulant it contains, called theobromine. This stimulant can remain in a dogs body for twenty hours, causing problems in the nervous system, heart and urinary tract. The amount of chocolate that is dangerous depends on the type of chocolate consumed, as well as the weight and breed of your dog. In general white chocolate contains the least amount of theobromine, while bakers chocolate contains the most.

Our Durham and Chapel Hill Emergency Vet Services

It may be difficult to know when to seek Durham emergency vet care for chocolate poisoning because the symptoms may take some time to appear. Early signs that your dog may be in danger include hyperactivity, vomiting, and diarrhea. Advanced symptoms can include seizures, muscle spasms, and cardiac arrest.

If your dog ingests chocolate call our veterinary hospital as soon as possible. Take note of what kind of chocolate your dog ate, how much was consumed, when it was eaten, and what signs your dog is exhibiting. Be sure to mention your dogs weight and breed. Our animal hospital offers both urgent and emergency vet services during normal office hours. Contact our veterinary hospital while you are bringing your dog in, so we can provide advice and have a veterinarian and technician standing by to provide treatment.

If your pet has ingested any harmful substance, contact the pet professionals at New Hope Animal Hospital for Durham and Chapel Hill emergency pet care.

Do you have questions about other foods that could be toxic to your pets?

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