Pet Senior Wellness: The New Hope Animal Hospital Senior Wellness Program

Pet Senior Wellness: The New Hope Animal Hospital Senior Wellness Program

pet senior wellness at New Hope Animal HospitalAt New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, we work hard to meet the needs of pets of all ages, but senior pets hold a special place in our hearts. "Seniors are Special," as we always say, and we really enjoy helping pet owners to keep their senior dogs and cats healthy and vibrant for a very long time. The most essential part of our senior wellness programs may very well be communication: We rely on pet owners to let us know when they notice changes in their senior pet, and the discussions between the vet and the pet owner during regular exams is vital.

Pet Senior Wellness at New Hope Animal Hospital

At New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, the pet senior wellness program begins with regular exams. Once a pet is a senior, it is essential that the pet is brought in for pet senior wellness exams at least twice per year. The frequency of exams depends largely upon the pet's state of current health, but even a very healthy senior pet needs to see the vet for an exam twice a year.

During the exam, the vet will ask you questions regarding your pet's behaviors and habits, with a particular focus on recent changes or new developments. These questions help the vet to isolate particular issues that may be developing, and will allow for prevention and treatment to start right away.

During the senior exam, tests including basic blood tests, urinalysis tests, and fecal tests may be performed. If certain concerns are noted, the pet may also need x-rays, ultrasounds, or video endoscopy to help determine the origins of the problem.

Vaccinations are often part of the pet senior exam, although some vaccinations may be needed only every year or even every several years.

Dental care via a professional dental cleaning is often performed during senior wellness visits. The frequency of dental cleanings is largely dictated by your pet's state of health, and this can vary quite widely from one senior to the next.

Have you brought your senior pet in for a wellness checkup lately?

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  • "Dr. Windram is such a great veterinarian! He always takes the time to follow up visits with a call, and is so patient with my high-stress, vet-anxious dog. I only wish I could get this kind of medical care for myself!"
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