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Senior Pet Exams in Durham and Chapel Hill

Senior Pet Exams in Durham and Chapel Hill

At New Hope Animal Hospital, we are here for every stage of your pet's life, including the golden years. Since senior pets can have different needs from young and adult pets, our Durham and Chapel Hill Veterinarian wants to remind you about the importance of the senior pet exam. 

Our Durham Veterinarian Recommends Biannual Senior Pet Exams

To best protect the health of your senior pet, our Durham veterinarian recommends that you bring your pet in for an exam at least once, to twice a year. Since senior pets' needs and health conditions change more rapidly than younger pets, it gives us a chance to catch and respond to age-related problems early on. 

Warning Signs That You May Have a Senior Pet

Sometimes, you may have a senior pet and not even know it! Here is how you can tell that your pet is officially in his or her golden years and needs a little extra vet attention: 

  • Loss of hearing - If your pet no longer responds when you call his or her name, or appears startled when you approach from behind, he or she may have hearing loss. 
  • Slower movement - Slower movement is natural as pet’s age, and often symptoms of arthritis. If your pet slows when walking, jumping, climbing stairs, sitting down, or standing up, he or she probably has arthritis. We can recommend pain control supplements that ease inflammation and stiffness. 
  • Reduced muscle mass - Reduced muscle mass happens, typically in the hind area, as pets age. This is normal and occurs because pets are less active in general. 
  • Clouded vision - Senior pets may develop a haze over their pupils, giving their eyes a bluish cast. This is a natural symptom of aging and one of the easiest ways to tell your pet is a senior. A whitish haze could also indicate cataracts.

Has your pet's behavior changed as a result of aging? Let us make sure that your pet is as healthy and happy as can be. Call us today to schedule your pet's exam with our veterinarian in Durham and Chapel Hill. 

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