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Need A Vet In Chapel Hill?

Do You Need a Vet in Chapel Hill? Look No Further!

Are you looking for a veterinarian in Chapel Hill? Now is the time to contact New Hope Animal Hospital! If you're looking for quality services and skilled veterinary care, New Hope Animal Hospital is the veterinarian for you. We offer the following services to the people of the Chapel Hill:

  • Pet dentistry. Maintaining your pet's oral hygiene is important! At New Hope Animal Hospital, we clean and examine pet teeth. For pets with cavities or infections, we perform fillings and extractions. We also teach patients how to brush and care for their pet's teeth.

  • Vaccinations. Pet vaccinations are critical for helping pets avoid contraction of deadly diseases and conditions. We help pets by administering vaccinations and also by tracking booster schedules, so pet owners know when to bring their pets back in for follow-up shots.

  • Emergency care. Sometimes pets have medical emergencies. When this occurs, getting your pet quality veterinary care can help save your pet's life. At New Hope Animal Hospital, we're proud to offer the best emergency medical care around.

  • Senior pet wellness. Senior pets need extra attention to avoid medical problems and enjoy a good quality of life. At New Hope, we offer senior pet wellness exams to help your senior pet stay healthy throughout old age.

  • Surgery. Sometimes pets need surgical care in order to heal from injuries and to get over illnesses. The veterinarians at New Hope Animal Hospital are fully trained and able to give your pet the surgical care he or she needs.

Contact New Hope Animal Hospital in Chapel Hill Today

New Hope Animal Hospital is proud to be a veterinarian serving Chapel Hill. Call us today at 919-490-2000 to make an appointment for pet care. We'll be happy to examine your pet, make a diagnosis, administer vaccinations and handle other aspects of your pet's medical needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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