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Tips for Training Your Puppy from New Hope Animal Hospital

Bringing home your new puppy is a memorable experience as a pet owner. Puppies are adorable, and they bring unconditional love to your family, but it's essential to ensure that your new family member is well-trained. At New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC, we can give you some pointers to train your new pup. Here are some tips to get your puppy training started.

Reward Good Behavior

Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement. Use healthy treats and lots of praise for behaviors that you desire. Be consistent in providing positive reinforcement and never reward bad behaviors. Your dog can get confused easily, and you'll have to start the process over again.

Create a Private Space

Dogs are like humans in a lot of ways. It's best to create a space where they can have alone time that is safe and quiet. You can reward your dog for staying in the designated section for a specified amount of time. It's also good to train your puppy to sleep in that area as well.

End Puppy Training Sessions on a Positive Note

It's hard as a pet owner to stay calm and not get frustrated while training a puppy. Remember, not all training sessions will go perfectly. However, your dog will respond better to future training if you end current ones on a good note. Make sure to praise and show lots of love to guarantee future success.

Contact Our Animal Hospital for Puppy Care from Our Veterinarians in Durham, NC 

Our professional team at New Hope Animal Hospital is here to help get your puppy training off on the right track. Our team is committed to ensuring that you have all the knowledge and tools needed for your puppy to grow up healthy and happy. If you live in the Durham, NC area, call us to learn more about the best practices for training your puppy.

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