Here at New Hope Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer boarding services for cats and dogs. Here are a few of the questions we regularly receive about our boarding services.

What are the benefits of boarding my cat or dog with your animal hospital?

Boarding your cat or dog at our animal hospital is safe. We provide a caring, loving environment for all pets, and if a medical emergency arises, we can immediately take care of the emergency and notify you. You are also insured that your pet will receive attention and playtime. We will even feed your pet his or her favorite food if you bring the food with you when you drop off your pet. If your pet needs medication while you are away, our staff can administer those medications.

How much does it cost to board my cat or dog at your animal hospital?

For a single dog, the cost is $28 per day. If you have an additional dog you would like to board in the same run, the second dog is $24 per day. Cats are housed in cat condos and the cost is $24 per day. It is important to note that we charge by the day instead of by the night. This allows you to pick up your dog or cat at a time that is convenient for you. We also board cats and dogs over the holidays for a $50 nonrefundable reservation fee.

What services are included in the boarding fee?

Dogs are given three to four playtimes and bathroom breaks per day for 20 minutes. If your dog likes playing with others, we can let him or her play with the other dogs that are being boarded. If not, we will lavish your dog with personal attention.

Cats stay in our specially designed cat condos. Each condo has large windows so that your cat can look outside and enjoy nature. We also provide each cat with personalized playtime with a member of our staff.

Will my pet catch any diseases from the other boarded animals?

We do everything within our power to ensure your pet does not get sick from the other animals in our care. Boarded animals and animals under medical care are not housed in the same areas. Additionally, we require each pet boarded with us to be up-to-date on all his or her vaccines.

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