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  • The Importance of Pet Nutrition
    Our New Hope Animal Hospital Shares The Importance of Pet Nutrition Pet nutrition seems simple at first - give the pet some pet food at specific times and in specific amounts. Read more
  • Common Pet Problems
    Common Pet Problems From Our Durham Veterinarian In business since 2003, New Hope Animal Hospital has been providing both routine and urgent care for animals in the Durham area. Read on Read more
  • Summer Safety Tips from our Emergency Veterinarian
    Summer Safety Tips from Our Emergency Veterinarian in Durham Summertime usually means that pets are outdoors more often than normal. While this is a great time for pets to get some Read more
  • Is it Appropriate to Bring Your Pet on Your Trip?
    Is it Appropriate to Bring Your Pet on Your Trip?New Hope Animal Hospital understands that our pets are part of the family and we know how difficult it can be Read more
  • What To Expect During A Wellness Exam
    What to Expect When You Bring Your Pet to New Hope Animal Hospital for a Wellness Exam?Your furry friend should receive a pet exam once a year in order to Read more
  • Common Poisonous Substances For Pets
    Common Poisonous Substances For Pets Keeping your pet safe includes pet-proofing your home to keep your pet out of contact with potentially toxic substances. Under the bathroom and kitchen sinks are Read more
  • Tips for Home Pet Dental Care
    Home Dental Tips from Our Durham Veterinarians Pets' teeth require just as much care as ours do. Unfortunately, two-thirds of pet owners don't provide this crucial piece of pet home healthcare. Read more
  • Hop On Over for Rabbit Care Tips
    Words of Advice from Our Veterinarian on Rabbit Care Rabbits make wonderful pets. No matter what type of rabbit you bring Read more
  • What You Should Do If You Have a Pet Emergency
    What to Do If Your Pet Has An Emergency with Your Durham Veterinarian When you bring a pet into your home, you want to recognize the signs of a medical emergency. Read more
  • What You Should Know About Anesthesia During Pet Surgery
    What You Should Know About Anesthesia During Pet Surgery from our Durham VeterinarianWhen you bring your pet to our clinic for pet surgery, you want to prepare in advance for Read more
  • When Should You Vaccinate Your Pet?
    When Should I Vaccinate My Pet?Just like people, there are serious diseases that can be prevented by following the proper cat and dog vaccination schedules. Some vaccines are considered essential Read more
  • Where To Keep Your Pet While You're On Vacation
    Pet BoardingWhether due to work or leisure, sometimes you will need to be away from home for extended periods, leaving you wondering who will care for your furry friend during Read more
  • Canine Influenza Prevention
    Canine Influenza in North CarolinaWith recent reports of canine influenza in North Carolina, our veterinarians in Durham & Chapel Hill want to make sure our patients have the proper information Read more
  • Importance of Pet Dental
    Importance of Pet DentalPet dental services from our veterinarians in the Durham Chapel Hill area aim to prevent oral health disease. At New Hope Animal Hospital we recognize that you Read more
  • Pet Heatstroke
    Dangers of Pet Heatstroke in the SummerJust like humans, pets are physically susceptible to the changes in weather. A dog or cat’s fur can be a good thing in the Read more
  • Emergency Care For Your Pet in Durham and Chapel Hill
    Emergency Care For Your PetUnfortunately, a pet emergency can happen at any time. Car accidents, broken bones, fights with other animals, ingestion of poisonous substances, swallowing foreign objects or severe Read more

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