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Is Boarding The Right Option For Your Pet

Is Boarding the Right Option for Your Pet?

If you have to travel and can’t take your kit or pooch with you, boarding is a viable option to keeping your pet safe and sound until your return. Pet owners in Durham, NC, can bring their pets to New Hope Animal Hospital for quality boarding care. Here are some of the benefits of boarding your pet.

Safe, Comfortable Facilities

At New Hope Animal Hospital, your pet will have safe, clean, comfortable facilities in which to stay. You can bring your pet’s food and water dishes, blanket, and toys to help him feel at home while you’re gone. Our dog kennels provide ample space for your pooch to run and play to ensure he gets the exercise he needs.


If your pet enjoys the company of other animals, he will have ample opportunity to play with his peers within a supervised setting. If he prefers to be alone, we can also accommodate this need.

Quality Care

At our facilities, your dog or cat will be looked after by experienced caregivers who have a genuine love for pets. We also have a veterinarian on staff to provide specialized care if and when there’s a need.

Secure Setting

Our dog kennels are safe and secure to prevent accidents and ensure your pet doesn’t run off and get hurt. We require that all pets have up-to-date vaccinations to protect the health and safety of our feline and canine boarders as well as our personnel.

Is Boarding Right for You?

Under most circumstances, pet boarding is a great option for the care of your pet when you’re away. At New Hope Animal Hospital, we make every effort to ensure your pet has a healthy, happy boarding experience.

Where Can I Find Pet Boarding Near Me or a Reputable Veterinarian Near Me?

Looking for pet boarding services or a trustworthy "veterinarian near me?" Look no further than New Hope Animal Hospital for all your pet care needs. For your convenience, we serve pet owners in Durham, NC, and the surrounding communities. To schedule a tour of our boarding facilities, give us a call at 919-490-2000 today.

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