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Dog Boarding FAQs

Dog Boarding FAQs

Leaving town on business or going on a vacation without your pet may result in leaving your pet behind. Depending on your situation, you may consider boarding your dog to ensure his or her safety. At New Hope Animal Hospital, we recognize that you want to ensure the safety and security of your pet when you are not available, so we offer services that give you peace of mind.

Dog Boarding at your local veterinarian

What is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is when a veterinarian or a professional keeps an eye on your pets in a kennel or a boarding facility. At our clinic, we offer boarding services to keep your pets healthy, active and happy while you are not available.

When Should You Consider Boarding a Pet?

As a general rule, you want to consider boarding when you are not available to care for your pet. In many cases, it relates to your travel plans; however, you may choose to board a pet if you are concerned about his or her health after a veterinary treatment or when you are occupied for a few days for any reason.

Are There Risks of Boarding in Chapel Hill?

Boarding in Chapel Hill is safe for your dog. We offer an outdoor play area for your dog and have the ability to administer any medications your dog may need during his or her stay. We also offer emergency treatments from a veterinarian if your pet is injured or gets sick while boarding in our clinic.

Does a Vet Keep an Eye on Your Dog?

A vet is available to help if your dog faces any physical ailments or challenges while boarding. We administer medications to your pets when necessary and ensure proper management of their health during their stay at our clinic. A veterinarian in our clinic may work with others to ensure proper animal care and management.

How Much Exercise Does a Dog in Durham Get When Boarding?

In our Durham clinic, we allow a dog to get appropriate exercise for their needs. We let dogs out into the outdoor play area three to four times per day to play, run around and socialize with other dogs in the kennel. We recognize that some dog breeds need more exercise than others, so we ensure proper levels of exercise based on your pet's specific needs and the risks to their health.

Are There Requirements to Board a Dog?

Yes, we do have requirements for any dog boarding in our clinic. Your dog must be up-to-date on appropriate vaccinations before you leave your pet in our clinic. If you are a new client, then we may ask some basic information about your pet's health and any medications your pet takes to ensure proper care and management of your pet.

Keeping your pet healthy and active when you are not available starts with finding the right facility for your goals. To learn more about our boarding services for dogs or for an appointment, call 919-490-2000 today.

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