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Dog receiving a preventative Wellness Exam with a Veterinarian in Durham & Chapel Hill

Preventative Wellness Exams with our Durham Veterinarians

Taking your pet for regular checkups is one of the best ways to appreciate and support their lives. Just like humans need stable health to lead a normal comfortable life, pets are not an exemption. New Hope Animal Hospital is here to ensure that your pets are offered the best veterinary care on a regular basis. Additionally, our Durham veterinarian suggests that it saves more money to identify a problem in its early stages and handling it in time than when the same problem is left to advance. 

Various Aspects of Pet Wellness 

New Hope Animal Hospital is working around the clock to improve the quality of the services it offers to our animal patients.  It is our duty to encourage pet owners to bring their pets in for regular checkups, at least once a year. We also administer routine vaccinations to protect your pet from infections.  At different stages of your pet’s life, there are specific things that we can screen for and care for your pet will change as they get older.

Wellness Services Offered at New Hope Animal Hospital

Through wellness exams, we can determine the overall health of your pet and find any underlying disease or issues. We perform a comprehensive exam to determine the health of your pet. Since nutrition plays an important role in determining the health of your pet, we make sure that you are advised on the best meals to serve your pet and how to properly adjust your pet’s diet as it goes through different life stages. Additionally, we want to make sure your pet is up to date on any necessary vaccinations.

Among the other various veterinary services we offer are parasite prevention and treatment. Your pet can only be happy, healthy, and playful when it is free from parasites. Tick and flea prevention is not supposed to be an undulating task and our experts are here to ease that tension for you.

Schedule a Preventative Wellness Exam with our Chapel Hill Veterinarian 

If your pet is in need of a routine wellness exam, contact New Hope Animal Hospital today. Our dedicated and caring Chapel Hill and Durham veterinarian is dedicated to providing excellent quality care for you and your pets. Call us at 919-490-2000.  


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