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Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services in Durham & Chapel Hill

Animal Hospital Services in Durham & Chapel Hill

New Hope Animal Hospital provides pet owners with the full scope of veterinary hospital services. From dog boarding to animal surgery, our trained staff members understand the importance of personalized animal clinic services. We understand the importance of having a dependable veterinary hospital within easy reach of your home that caters to the specific needs of your pet.

With the experience and skill of Dr. Windram and Dr. Bush, our veterinary clinic can handle the daily and the emergency health needs of all your pets.

Providing Emergency, Urgent Care, and Routine Veterinary Care

We provide emergency and urgent care services six days a week during our normal business hours. Our veterinary staff can handle everything from a reaction to chocolate ingestion to snail bait poisoning, from automobile accidents to choking, and all that falls in between. The typical emergency team includes a select group of trained technicians and at least one veterinarian. If you have an emergency, we ask that you call our hospital immediately for instructions at 919-490-2000.

In addition to providing emergency care during business hours, our animal hospital also provides urgent care veterinary clinic services. Just give a call, explain the situation. Our skilled staff will maneuver the appointments to ensure that your pet sees one of our veterinarians as soon as possible.

Our animal clinic also offers discounts to local Chapel Hill rescue groups. However, for rescue-related discounts, approval is required prior to services rendered. Also, animal dentistry, animal surgery, and small animal needs may require special consideration. For any of these animal clinic services, please call in advance so we can ensure to schedule you with the proper veterinarian.

Proper dental care is a necessary component of quality veterinary clinic services. Our animal dentistry services include basic oral health examinations, cleanings, and tooth extractions. All dental health decisions are centered upon a course of treatment that will ensure a higher quality of life for your pet.

Along with emergency and advanced veterinary care, we also provide routine veterinary hospital functions, including preventative, grooming, and boarding services. Our well-maintained facilities are designed to give your pet exercise and a sense of comfort. We board dogs as well as cats. Our dog boarding services include a fenced-in play area that each dog enjoys at least three times per day. If a veterinarian determines that your pet can safely mingle with other dogs, we provide supervised playgroups. All of our residents receive individual attention. However, our cat boarding facilities also include a suite that enables a prominent view of the outdoor activities of local birds, squirrels, and other small animals. For quality cat boarding, give us a call now.

Our animal hospital is dedicated to providing skilled and caring service to pets of all sizes and breeds. Our veterinary clinic treats dogs and cats in the surrounding Durham and Chapel Hill areas. Please call today for an appointment at 919-490-2000.

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