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Animal Surgery

Durham and Chapel Hill Animal Surgery

Durham and Chapel Hill animal surgeryNew Hope Animal Hospital provides high-tech, compassionate animal surgery services for Durham and Chapel Hill. We cover everything from your puppy or kitten’s spay and neuter surgery to pet dental surgery, orthopedic surgery and emergency vet surgeries. We know that it can be a difficult when your pet needs surgery, so we strive to provide the same equipment sterilization standards, the same vital sign monitoring, and the same advanced quality surgical care you would find in a human hospital. Our goal for each pet is the least painful, most successful surgical outcome possible.

Animal Surgery in Chapel Hill and Durham:
We are Here to Help Your Pet

Successful animal surgery starts with a proper diagnosis, so we have highly-advanced diagnostics tools right here. Digital x-rays and ultrasound give us multifaceted views of your pet so we can make an accurate and precise diagnosis. Our fully-equipped in-house laboratory enables us to quickly run complete screening tests before surgery. Our veterinarians are experienced in multiple surgical techniques that reduce invasiveness and shorten recovery times for your pet, and our highly-qualified vet techs are always ready to help.

New Hope Animal Hospital handles both regularly-scheduled and emergency surgeries. If your pet is ever in trouble, our emergency vet team can perform life-saving surgeries (call ahead at 919-490-2000 so we can prepare). We can remove tumors and even perform eye surgery if necessary. Naturally, we handle many spay and neuter surgeries, pet dental procedures and others.

For families concerned about the affects of anesthesia on their pets, we would like to set your minds at ease. Our veterinary hospital runs the necessary blood tests before any surgical procedure to make sure your pet is ready for anesthesia. We use the safest methods of administration available, and a vet tech constantly monitors your pet’s vital signs before, during and after anesthesia to make sure there are no complications.

After your pet comes out of surgery, the monitoring continues; and when the time comes for you to bring your pet home, we spend time discussing your pet’s recovery needs with you. We will explain how to keep the surgery area clean, any dietary considerations and your pet’s medications. We are also keenly aware of your pet’s comfort level. We ensure that your pet receives complete pain management medication from our in-house pharmacy so that he or she can recovery peacefully and comfortably.

Call New Hope Animal Hospital at 919-490-2000 to discuss any questions you have about pet surgery!

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